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Groups Forming

High School Disorder Eating and Body Image Group 

Being a teen in today’s society is more complicated than ever before. Often it feels like the answer to many of the issues is changing yourself. Sometimes it can feel like controlling food or using food for emotional support is the only way to survive the chaos. This is a process group for any high school teen. The first half of group will be dedicated to checking in and getting support for the day to day challenges that have cropped up since the last group. The second half of group will include a skill taught by the therapist, usually pulled from CBT or DBT, and goal setting. This group will be open until there are 6-8 members.  

LGBTQ Teen Group

The cornerstones of this group are safety and inclusion. This is about having a nonjudgmental space to be you. All those who fall under the rainbow umbrella are welcome, both middle and high school age. If you have figured out your sexuality, welcome! If you are confused, welcome! If you are scared, welcome! If you are spiritual, welcome! This group will be a process group, meaning there will be plenty of time for members to discuss their day to day experiences. Identity as a whole, beyond just sexuality, will be explored. The goal of this group is to help LGBTQ adolescents figure out how to navigate this world, while also taking care of themselves physically and mentally. The group will be open to newcomers until there are 6-8 members.  

Overcoming Anxiety (Middle School and High School Groups)

The excitement of the start of school has warn off. The worry and fear have set in. The testing anxiety has become overwhelming. The stress over your social life has hit. The anxiety regarding what to do next with your life is present. How do you deal? How can you reduce your vulnerability to anxiety? How do you recognize the signs? What do you do when it feels consuming? These and all your questions will be answered in this psychoeducational group. Each week there will be a different topic, skill, and take home challenge. There will also be plenty time for process and group connection. This is a 9 week group.

Adult Emotional Eating and Binge Eating Group

For all of us, food and emotions are connected. For some of us, food is the only way we have learned to cope. This group will be primarily a process group. A place for people to discuss their shared experiences and get support/validation. Skills, activities, and psychoeducation will be intertwined by the therapist. This group will be open until there are 6-8 members. An individual session must be scheduled prior to joining. If you are tired of being caught in the diet cycle, this is an opportunity to try something different. Long-term, sustained change is possible.

Please email or call Laura Jones, LPC for further information or to sign up!